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The Food Toxicity Program is my secret weapon for transforming mystifying health conditions. The premise is simple, yet shocking: Each human being has a unique list of foods which behave as poison in the body, and launch an inflammatory response. Even foods you always thought of as healthy, like garlic or eggs, could be the culprit behind a lifetime of inflammation and worsening health. Identifying which foods induce your body to attack itself is absolutely essential for your body to be able to heal. As long as you are unknowingly poisoning yourself daily, your body has very little chance of recovery.

Step 1 | Specialized Blood Test

With an astounding accuracy rate of 96%, this test identifies the list of foods that are specifically toxic to you. But learning which foods are causing health-depleting inflammation in your body is only the first step.

Step 2 | Eating in a New Way

Learning to eat in a whole new way – in the middle of feeling lousy – is a whole other kind of challenge. So I created this 3-month online support system to teach you what you need to know in order to succeed.
This program is the cornerstone of my practice, why I get the awards and testimonials I do. But it is also extremely personal for me. I was once very ill, and it was an enormous battle to obtain the information and support I needed. I created The Food Toxicity Program initially to heal myself and transform my life. Once I began providing this for my patients, major transformations became the norm in my practice. Now I am on a mission to bring the Program to everyone. In one tidy package you receive the information that is the key to your universe, and the template for building a whole new life of vitality. Rather than following the latest fad diet, following this food plan is all you will ever need to have the best health of your life. Are you ready to step into a whole new wellness paradigm and take control of your health?

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac.

Your Holistic Health Advocate

For US Residents only. Due to availability of designated labs.

The Benefits of Eliminating Inflammation

Inflammation is the root of all disease.
If you are chronically unwell, your body is overwhelmed with it.
By eliminating inflammation, you will see how your body can heal and thrive.

The Science of Food Toxicity

1 | Why has my doctor not tested me?

Surprisingly, this is not new science. Food toxicities (aka food sensitivities) have been identifiable with blood-work for decades. Unfortunately, it has never made it into the traditional MD education. Perhaps because it is considered the realm of nutrition, or perhaps because it does not yield a prescription at the end? Our test is regulated by federal guidelines and is the gold standard in medical food toxicity science. It was administered over 1.4 million times last year by health care professionals.

2 | What are Food Toxicities vs Food Allergies?

Did you know food toxicities (sometimes called food sensitivities) are not the same thing as food allergies? An allergic response (IgE) is immediate, where the body launches high amounts of histamine to fight the food. Our blood-work tests something else entirely. We are testing for which foods launch an Immunoglobulin G response (IgG). It is the primary means of your body fighting infection. This response represents 75% of your immune systems activity. It is the primary reason for inflammation in the body.

3 | What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the result of your body launching an attack on your food. Your body thinks the food is a toxic antigen and launches the IgG antibody in response. It heats up blood, tissue and nerve cells (like a cellular fever), breaks down external cell membrane, and digests all contents inside cell. Unfortunately, even the healthy cells throughout your entire body also experience this attack. If this continues unchecked, your body is in a continual state of overheating and breaking down. This is why you are struggling with chronic systemic symptoms.

4 | How Accurate is the Blood Test?

Not all food toxicity tests are created equal. Actually the market is flooding with low-cost versions of a food test you can order for yourself. Unfortunately, most of these have an accuracy rate as low as 50%. Our blood test adheres to the highest federal standards. It is available by prescription-only through a doctor. Its high performance is due to the fact that it measures all 4 reactive sub-agents in the blood serum, unlike most tests which only measure 2 sub-agents. But most importantly, it has a 96% accuracy rate. This is critical in shifting your health symptoms.

What Changes Will You Need to Make?

Learning to eat a whole new way can be a challenge, but the results are well worth the effort. The primary shift that will need to happen involves being willing to read the labels on any food your purchase, and being willing to cook more. If this sounds daunting, don’t be alarmed! This program includes all the coaching you will need to set yourself up for success.

I decided to take the Food Toxicity Test because I was working out 2 hours a day but couldn’t lose weight. I was having night sweats even though I’m way too young for that, and my energy was really low. The test results were exactly the information I needed! I was surprised at some of the foods that were on my list, and I had to learn a whole new way to eat. But it was completely worth it! I’ve lost 20+ pounds, my hormones have stabilized, and my energy is great. My skin even looks amazing! Since then, I refer people to Candice regularly.

Why Do You Need a Program to Succeed?

As disciplined as you may or may not be, when you get the list of foods you can no longer eat, there is an impact on habits and lifestyle. Our attachment to our favorite foods goes way deeper than just preference. We use food for comfort, pleasure, celebration, avoiding boredom, and more. Additionally, there are many chemical factors at play, creating physical dependencies on foods like wheat, sugar and dairy. You will need education, structure, inspiration, and support.

The Food Toxicity Program Offers You:

Going it alone will only hinder your progress. The Food Toxicity Program reveals the hidden pit falls and offers practical solutions so you can be successful in reclaiming your vitality.
“I am someone who likes to feel healthy and is willing to put in the time. So I was skeptical that someone like me would need the food toxicity test. But when my prostate issues started making a dent in my lifestyle, I decided to take Candice’s advice and get the blood test done. I was amazed that several of the foods I thought were great for me and ate all the time were actually interfering with my health. Within 30 days of changing my diet with Candice’s guidance, I was astonished at the changes I saw in my health. I began sleeping through the night without waking up to urinate. My stubborn fat around my waist is melting away, showing more definition in my abs. I am a believer! I would like my whole family to get the food toxicity test.”

How the Food Toxicity Program Works

I was in my 20's and went from being very fit and athletic to having a ton of health problems. I felt bloated and swollen and began to look puffy. I developed acne. I had stomach pain and digestive issues, and I was tired all the time. I couldn't make any sense of it, until I met Candice and took the Food Toxicity Test. The results turned out to be life-changing for me. In no time my skin cleared up, my energy was great, and I had no more pain or digestion problems. It became really clear that I could control how I felt through my diet. Now I recommend it to everyone I care about--I think everybody should work with Candice and get this test!

For US Residents only. Due to availability of designated labs.