Could Even “Healthy” Foods Be Toxic for You?

You’ve heard often enough that inflammation is the root of all disease. You hear a lot of theories about which foods and pills to consume to combat it. But has anyone ever explained to you how you get it in the first place? Why does it seem like absolutely everyone is suffering from unnatural amounts of inflammation in the body, anyway?

Inflammation is the natural result of your immune system defending you from invaders. If you get a cold, your immune system kills it through inflammation. If you scrape your knee, your body launches inflammation to kill any bacteria. And if you ingest a poison, your body breaks it down through inflammation.

This is a built-in response to protect you, but it turns out there are situations in which this system backfires, and actually attacks things it shouldn’t. Food, for example.

There is an important point to understand: Food allergies and food toxicities (sometimes called food sensitivities) are both immune responses, but they are not the same thing. Our immune system creates something called hypersensitivities once it becomes repeatedly exposed to the same protein. There are 4 Types of hypersensitive responses.

The Type I hypersensitive response is what you think of as “food allergies.” Your regular MD can easily order you a test for those. It is called an IgE test, which is measuring heightened histamine levels. Allergic reactions to foods are very swift—usually from 2 minutes to 24 hours after eating. If you are having that sort of reaction, you should definitely ask your MD to order you a food allergy test.

Food toxicities, however, are rarely ever discussed at a traditional MD’s office. They require an IgG test, which is measuring the level of antibodies the body creates against an invading molecule in hypersensitivity response Types II and III. (The Type IV response is the autoimmune response, where the body treats its own tissue as an invader.)

IgG represents 75% of the immune system response. This is the entire inflammatory process, beginning with simple irritation, moving on to cell disruption and mutation, and leading to permanent tissue damage and genetic changes.

Basically there are foods which behave in your body as if they are toxic. And your list of these foods is unique to you. They could be foods you eat every day, foods you think of as healthy. Foods like eggs, almonds, garlic, or spinach could be launching within you a cycle of inflammation that takes up to 30 days to clear. But if you eat them over and over again, your body remains in a state of inflammation for years, never resting, never healing.

Often the symptoms from the IgG response come 2-3 days later after eating something. And the symptoms begin as subtle, like aches, bloating, constipation, and fatigue. But they get worse over time, and new symptoms arrive, until eventually you feel like you’re falling apart. In identifying which foods elicit this response in you, and eliminating them from your diet, you dramatically halt the poisoning of your immune system, allowing your body to rest and heal.

So how do you get your hands on the food toxicity test, if you can’t get it from your MD? There are a variety of mail-home kits available on the market, but buyers beware: not all tests are equal. Most of them only have an accuracy rate of 50%.

This is why I started a program to offer the test to people nationally. The test I use has an accuracy rate of 96%, and can only be prescribed by a health practitioner. The health transformations that I have seen happen have been nothing short of miraculous. People on disability going back to work, people who have been bed-ridden dancing at a wedding, people losing over 100 pounds. It’s unbelievable what can happen.

If you would like to know more about the Food Toxicity Program, please book with me for a free 15-minute Discovery Session! I would love to hear your story and answer your questions. You can contact me at or call 866-307-5957.

Congratulations on making the choice to reclaim your health. Wishing you boundless energy!