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My Whole Health Program

This intimate 3-month program is designed to help you make sense of your complex health. By giving you expert 1-on-1 support during your journey to wellness, your Holistic Health Advocate clears away the confusion about what’s been going on in your health – even when your MD’s have tried and failed. Discover the life-changing impact of a customized treatment plan that addresses the deep, real, complete you. Experience healthcare with a soul.

The Food Toxicity Program

Did you know that even healthy foods can be toxic for you? Good news, there is a food toxicity blood test which identifies which specific foods are harmful for your unique bio-chemistry. Find out which foods have been poisoning you and how to reverse the inflammation and damage this has wreaked on your health. Eliminating these foods is the holistic secret weapon for activating your vitality. Launch a revolution in your health.

Your Vitality Personality Program

Your personality type has a key role in determining your health. In your pursuit of wellness, often a large part of you resists making the necessary changes. This self-sabotage slows or even derails your progress. In this revolutionary program, we guide you to rapidly revamp your health through creating targeted support for your personality type’s specific needs. Discover how you can remove the roadblocks and experience your highest vitality.

Clinical Nutrition