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Take the Whole Health Quiz and Discover the Biggest Barriers to Your Health

Have you been seeking relief from a devitalizing health condition with disappointing results? Are you starting to feel Western Medicine may not have the solutions you seek? Could you benefit from a 1 on 1 relationship with a health care professional that cares as much about your wellness as you do?

Oh good. We found each other. I am here to serve as your holistic health advocate. I know the frustration of trying to cobble together effective healthcare yourself at a time when you are feeling the worst in your life. If what is ailing you is not improving, you need some new perspectives and new tools. Don’t lose hope. Holistic Medicine really does deliver astounding transformations in health.

In the My Whole Health Program, I will help you make sense of what’s really going on and what will actually create healing and vitality. By understanding you as a whole person, together we will diagnose your health condition and design a course of treatment unique to you. And we will do it together, each step of the way.

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac.

Your Holistic Health Advocate

The “Whole Health” Perspective

Health is about more than just prescriptions. Together we partner to look at your health from multiple angles. What foods are you having toxic reactions to? Is there a fungal problem going on in the background? What does your tongue reveal about the health of your organs and blood? What is your personality type’s typical response to stress?

The Keys to Restoring Wellness

When we look at your Whole Health, the plan for recovery reveals itself clearly.

Reclaiming Your Life

Once we embark on the My Whole Health Program protocols, within days, miracles start to happen. For the first time in a long time . . .

This is the fuel which then empowers a new lifestyle, focused on healthy foods and healthy thoughts, healthy actions and healthy relationships.

From the Comfort of Home

You can receive all the benefits of the My Whole Health Program from the comfort of home. This program is uniquely designed to offer your concierge-level service through video conference and our proprietary online health management portal so that no matter where you are, I am here for you.

Our goal is to get at the heart of your health problem, and resolve it, all the while, offering you support and guidance. If you are ready to invest in your health, we are too.

What’s Included in the Program?

The My Whole Health Program is an expertly-guided consulting program designed to give you all of our proven health programs so that you can truly achieve Whole Health – mind, body & spirit.

We will steward you seamlessly through the process which includes all 3 of our Signature Wellness Programs, plus added protocols and guidance unique to the My Whole Health Program.

My Whole Health Program

This intimate 3-month program is designed to help you make sense of your complex health. By giving you expert 1-on-1 support during your journey to wellness, your Holistic Health Advocate clears away the confusion about what’s been going on in your health – even when your MD’s have tried and failed. Discover the life-changing impact of a customized treatment plan that addresses the deep, real, complete you. Experience healthcare with a soul.

The Food Toxicity Program

Did you know that even healthy foods can be toxic for you? Good news, there is a food toxicity blood test which identifies which specific foods are harmful for your unique bio-chemistry. Find out which foods have been poisoning you and how to reverse the inflammation and damage this has wreaked on your health. Eliminating these foods is the holistic secret weapon for activating your vitality. Launch a revolution in your health.

Your Vitality Personality Program

Your personality type has a key role in determining your health. In your pursuit of wellness, often a large part of you resists making the necessary changes. This self-sabotage slows or even derails your progress. In this revolutionary program, we guide you to rapidly revamp your health through creating targeted support for your personality type’s specific needs. Discover how you can remove the roadblocks and experience your highest vitality.

{Because each patient is unique, the My Whole Health Program does not include individualized recommended treatment protocols, such as blood tests & nutritional supplements. These are prescribed on an as needed basis.}

Here’s How It Works

Online Health Portal

Throughout the Program your My Whole Health Portal will be your home base, giving you valuable resources and interactive support between each of our 1-on-1 sessions. Experience a whole new medical paradigm that keeps you and your health care provider intimately connected to your progress. Immediately after you register for the Program, complete your My Whole Health Intake Survey. This is far more than the traditional process of asking for your family history and allergies. This is a holistic process, that gathers very personal and relevant insight into your health experience.

1-on-1 Sessions

Because support and guidance are at the heart of this Program, together we will have 4 one-on-one video-conference sessions as you progress. This is your time, and we will focus on the factors that will have the biggest impact on your health. Never before have you received this level of deep listening and education. In this dynamic conversation, you can be at ease, knowing that it is safe to be fully seen. When you share your successes and challenges, we can customize your healing protocols and navigate to wellness in a way that is unique to you.

9 Weeks of Personalized Support

Additional support appointments are available as needed or after the completion of the Program.
Available at exclusive member pricing.

Session 1 | Creating Your Whole Health Plan

Week 1. Our first 90-minute session is all about getting to know you and creating the ideal plan for your health transformation. I would like to hear from you about the history of your health concern. I will already have reviewed the material you provided through your Health Portal, and will be coming to the appointment with quite a bit to share.

After taking in your complete story, I will be able to offer you insights on the next action steps you can take. These may included general dietary recommendations, certain therapies, or a shift in perspective. I will likely include referrals to our other Programs at a reduced rate, so that we can obtain additional lab tests to help us in our diagnostic efforts.

Additionally, I will guide you in learning about your own Inner Architecture, so you can discover the key to mastering the patterns of behavior that most influence your health. Most people find this information electrifying – providing a sense of clarity and purpose they had not experienced before.

Together we will tailor a program that is entirely unique to your situation, which feels do-able to you, and will immediately improve your quality of life. Our goal for this first session is to recommend targeted diagnostic protocols and a course of treatment – Your Whole Health Plan.

Online Health Portal Support

After our first session, login to learn about the 10 Essential Steps to Vitality. This is an essential aspect of getting results in the My Whole Health Program. Take the Vitality Quiz as a powerful jumping off point.

Session 2 | Your Essential Steps to Vitality

Week 3. With your customized My Whole Health Plan underway, at our 60-minute second session, we will review the progress that has been made thus far. What have been the early successes that have you feeling hopeful? What have been the early frustrations and how can we create more support for you?

Likely in our last session, I recommended additional testing. Let’s evaluate how far you have gotten in that process and review any results thus far. Based on these findings, we will refine your My Whole Health Plan to make sure we are moving swiftly towards your recovery. I’ll support you in adapting to your new customized healthy lifestyle.

Then, we will discuss the 10 Essential Steps to Vitality. These are the 10 areas of life which require intentional cultivation in order to thrive. Which come naturally to you, and which ones have you gone to lengths to avoid? With the new insights you’ve gained about your personality type, how can we re-frame your approach to these Vitality Practices and eliminate your resistance? I will guide you towards developing your Vitality Mantra– a simple sentence you can repeat to keep yourself connected to your own deepest desires.

Our second session is about integrating the practical changes necessary for creating a foundation for your unique health.

Online Health Portal Support

After our second session, login to receive the Vitality Mindset Manifesto, your guide for changing the beliefs that have held you in un-wellness. Take the Survey to identify the top areas for mindset change, the precursor to all good health.

Session 3 | Mastering Your Vitality Mindset

Week 6. 60-minute Session. Rebuilding health is a demanding pursuit. It takes tenacity and perseverance.

By now you will have had a few weeks to implement the changes and therapies included in your My Whole Health Plan. We will review how your symptoms have been improving. We will assess energy levels, sleep patterns, mood, pain and more. I expect at this point to have seen some Big Wins. If that hasn’t happened yet, we will discuss what isn’t working and why, or what additional protocols we may need to pursue.

You have learned quite a lot of new information about yourself, and are gaining momentum on taking control of your health and your life. Now I want to introduce you to the Vitality Mindset. This is a game-changing perspective, teaching you how to connect yourself to the inherent flow of the Universe. By embracing these 5 principles, you will learn how to swiftly accelerate your healing and growth, eliminate conflict, and live the most authentic and fulfilling life you could imagine. Because of your Inner Architecture you have received hard-wiring which unfortunately leads you away from this mindset in predictable ways. Together we will develop a practice specific for you to help you stay on track and in the flow.

This session is about further customizing your My Whole Health Plan while deepening your ability to live in vitality.

Online Health Portal Support

Prior to our final Session, access your online Health Portal to repeat the initial My Whole Health Survey and the vitality surveys as a way of measuring progress.

Session 4 | Celebrating Your Whole Health

Week 9. 60-Minute Session. Here in our final session we revisit your entire My Whole Health Program progress. Just prior to our final appointment, you will re-take the initial Health Survey through the online Health Portal. When we meet we will compare how you answered the questions initially, and how you are feeling now.

We will evaluate your health from a holistic perspective. How have your physical symptoms changed over time? How have your thoughts and actions changed? This allows you to reflect on where your health started and the progress you have made. This is validating and encouraging.

While it can often take a year or more to completely transform health, you should be well on your way to an exciting new normal.

We will also discuss what you have learned about yourself through this process, and what you can do with that precious information. The journey of transformation touches more than just your health—it changes who you are and how you feel about yourself and your life.

My wish for you is that you will have heightened clarity about where you can go from here as you gain your new level of health. If you would like additional support on your journey to vitality, we can discuss how we may continue to work together.

Online Health Portal Support

As the culmination of this Program, be supported in tracking your progress over the next year by using the My Whole Health Program wellness log.

Working with Candice has changed my life! At this point, I consider her my complete health adviser and educator. I am an athlete and very particular about the foods I eat, and even still I was having all kinds of crazy health problems including joint pain, abdominal pain, unstable hormones, digestive issues, chronic fatigue and more. This was huge in turning my health around. My periods are finally normal, my pain is better, and my intestines are healing. I’ve seen weight loss and my mood is so much better! Today I have support I’ve never had before, a clearer understanding of the cause and effect of dietary choices, and a solid decision that alternative medicine is the only choice for me. Seeing Candice is the best health decision I have made in my life, 10 doctors for the price of one! Not a single regret!