Meet Sandy

Sandy Hogan, CIC

Sandy Hogan is one of the most respected integrative coaches in the country. After collaborating with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona in developing his groundbreaking Program in Integrative Medicine 1999-2001, Sandy went on to coach some of the nation’s top leaders. For the past two decades, she has worked with heads in the corporate, medical, university, military and non-profit sectors. She is the woman behind the throne, teaching influencers how to be great by connecting privately to their own humanity.

Sandy is a passionate educator. A national speaker herself, she serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations centered around teaching emotional maturity. She has written and taught curriculum for multiple accredited colleges and corporate internal education. Now at the pinnacle of her career, she brings her expertise to a wider audience.

With the insight and kindness of a sage, Sandy teaches individuals how to succeed at navigating a tough, demanding world with a sense of joy and prosperity.

What is a CIC?


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