Meet Sandy

Sandy Hogan, CIC

Sandy Hogan is one of the most respected integrative coaches in the country. After collaborating with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona in developing his groundbreaking Program in Integrative Medicine 1999-2001, Sandy went on to coach some of the nation’s top leaders. For the past two decades, she has worked with heads in the corporate, medical, university, military and non-profit sectors. She is the woman behind the throne, teaching influencers how to be great by connecting privately to their own humanity.

Sandy is a passionate educator. A national speaker herself, she serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations centered around teaching emotional maturity. She has written and taught curriculum for multiple accredited colleges and corporate internal education. Now at the pinnacle of her career, she brings her expertise to a wider audience.

With the insight and kindness of a sage, Sandy teaches individuals how to succeed at navigating a tough, demanding world with a sense of joy and prosperity.

Sandy’s Professional Designations

PCC, Professional Certified Coach, conferred by the International Coach Federation. In the most straightforward terms, coaching means building a client’s competence to better face their life circumstances. Practically speaking, successful coaching leaves clients with the following outcomes:
(1) Long-term excellence, (2) The ability to self-correct, (3) Competence in generating ideas, solutions, resources, and methods that are self-sustaining. In action, this means coaches understand their clients with great depth and scope, converse with them in a way that opens up insights and possibilities, and offer a path forward that includes activities custom-designed for them. Addressing the inner and outer world of the individual and the inner and outer world of the groups of which they are a part opens up a huge template in which transformational coaching can occur. Working this broadly requires coaches who can understand how each of these human domains operates for sustained change and personal, professional, and relational fulfillment.

Certified Integral Coach. Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. This type of coaching is integral because everything is included about the client and the client’s world in their coaching program. This includes what the client is aware of along with their potential—what could be brought about through focused, skillful methods. The aim of Integral coaching is to bring forth self-awareness within clients that includes how they represent themselves and also investigates their social world, general mood, habits, quality of self-care, sense of possibility, and the amount of attention and energy available to take on change. This method includes clients’ thoughts, beliefs, emotions, needs and intentions as well as everything that is happening to them physiologically. Our social context includes the language(s) we speak, the culturally-specific practices we engage in, and the relationships we are a part of. Additionally, we are always in a shared physical environment that includes both our lived-in and natural worlds.

Certified Enneagram in Business Coach. The Enneagram, a powerful and profound ancient system with modern applications, is more than a coaching tool. It is actually a map to understand the nine distinct archetypes of human character. Each has its own worldview, motivational structure, and patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. In coaching, the Enneagram is a developmental superhighway, with growth-oriented self-observations, practices and exercises specifically tailored to each of the nine Enneagram types, both personally and professionally. This approach is fully integrated with dynamic coaching methodologies and well-chosen, transformative coaching techniques that allow clients to take targeted development actions that achieve deeper and more sustainable results. The best coaches have long recognized that their own self-mastery and professional skill sets directly affect the progress of those they coach, and that from every coaching experience, the coach usually learns and grows as much as the client.

Accredited Enneagram Professional. Accredited Professionals are International Enneagram Association (IEA) professional members who have attained a level of advanced knowledge and experience in using the Enneagram within their professional field (integral coaching) and for teaching the Enneagram. Accredited Enneagram Professionals strictly adhere to IEA’s Ethical Guidelines and Code of Ethics