Does it seem like everything is going wrong at the same time? Your health is not improving, your relationships are limping along or skidding out, maybe you’ve got other stressors happening, too. There is a way to resolve them all at once:

Make a shift in your own perspective.

We came into this world with blind spots built in – hard-wiring we’re unaware of which influences how we think, what we feel, the choices we make. Without self-awareness, we are destined to walk down a particular road which always ends in a particular kind of conflict.

But in learning about your own inner architecture, you discover the key to mastering these patterns of behavior once and for all.

Learn the truth about who you really are and what you really want,
and you will find the way to get better.

In this interactive workshop, learn the fundamental information you need to transform the dynamics in your health and relationships.

Together, We Will:


Identify Your Personality Type

  • Take the personality quiz and discover which of the 9 Personality Types best represents you.
  • Discover your own hard wiring – your basic fear, your primary desire, and your key stress reaction.

Discover Your Health Style

  • Learn how your Personality Type is affecting your health and lifestyle choices
  • Learn how you are hard wired to engage with the 10 Essential Steps to Vitality
  • Identify which of the 10 aspects of Vitality you experience the most resistance toward
  • Create your Vitality Mantra to accelerate your progress

Discover Your Relationship Style

  • Identify how you thrive in relationships with others.
  • Learn how you show up in relationship, both as your best and worst self.
  • Learn how to get along better with that “important other” in your life.
  • Communications tips for each Personality Type

Shift the Pattern

  • Learn the principles of the Vitality Mindset for making necessary shifts in perspective so you can truly Get Better, in health, relationships and beyond
  • Identify your vital Next Step to propel you toward the life you desire

Meet Your Presenter

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac.

Candice Thomas is the founder of My Self | My Health. Drawing on her dynamic education in molecular biology, eastern medicine, and psychology, she creates revolutionary custom treatment plans for people who seek to be truly well. Booked nationally as a speaker on the deeper drives behind the dynamics in our health, she is currently developing curriculum for the Medical Sociology department at the University of Arizona. As an award-winning Acupuncturist, Educator and Holistic Health Advocate, Candice is committed to helping health-seekers discover the fundamental tools necessary for creating true vitality.

Health and happiness are closer than you think.
Join us! It’s never too late to Get Better.

Get Better:

Master Your Health and Relationship Patterns