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Sometimes you need a chat with a friend – who happens to have a lot of expertise. As your Holistic Health Advocate, Candice Thomas is delighted to work with you on whichever parts of your life need attention: body, mind or spirit. Book a private consultation with her to gain insight and clarity about what action steps you can take to direct your life towards lasting vitality.

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Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac., EAP

Meet Candice

Candice Thomas is the founder of My Self | My Health, the culmination of her 25+ years of professional study in the areas of health and human development. Blending cellular biology, clinical acupuncture, and Enneagram-based personality typing, she has pioneered a holistic health model that focuses on each patient’s unique biological and personality profile.

With an award-winning medical practice, and a patient roster which includes business luminaries, leading-edge engineers, influential humanitarians, and government directors, she has developed an innovative holistic approach in demand by top performers. Her ground-breaking research focused on the intersection of health and personality includes over 600 case studies and 7500 clinical hours. She presented her original research at the Science of Consciousness Conference 2020.

As a Clinical Acupuncturist, Educator and Holistic Health Advocate, she guides those seeking wellness along the path to achieve optimum vitality.