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What can
My Self | My Health
do for you?

Do you love your life? Is every day fulfilling and exciting? Or is your health in the way?

Many people are struggling with health problems which seem to have become a permanent fixture. But the truth is, you too can experience vitality. You just have been missing some key holistic guidance, from practitioners who are experienced, knowledgeable, and care about you.

How can you get vitality for yourself? There is no one-size-fits-all program. The path to vitality is as unique as you are. Your experiences, your genes, your perspective, your needs, your habits and your choices all impact your experience of abundant physical energy, mental clarity and wholehearted joy.

Our programs and services are designed to help you discover the path to vitality that is effective for you. Together we will create the plan that will resolve your pain, boost your energy and clarity, and uplift your mood to new heights. Even if you have struggled for years, there is a way forward for you.

If you are ready for one-on-one support to navigate your path to vitality, our Whole Health Program is a powerful place to start. If you are ready to begin your journey today, sign up for an online course.

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My Whole Health Program

This intimate 3-month program is designed to help you make sense of your complex health. By giving you expert 1-on-1 support during your journey to wellness, your Holistic Health Advocate clears away the confusion about what’s been going on in your health – even when your MD’s have tried and failed. Discover the life-changing impact of a customized treatment plan that addresses the deep, real, complete you. Experience healthcare with a soul.


The Food Toxicity Program

Did you know that even healthy foods can be toxic for you? Good news, there is a food toxicity blood test which identifies which specific foods are harmful for your unique bio-chemistry. Find out which foods have been poisoning you and how to reverse the inflammation and damage this has wreaked on your health. Eliminating these foods is the holistic secret weapon for activating your vitality. Launch a revolution in your health.


Clinical Nutrition Program

Your body’s ability to thrive depends on meeting its delicate blend of needs. These are based on that singular intersection of your nutrition, genes, age, diet and lifestyle. Our health assessments and blood tests are designed to seek and identify the key imbalances beneath your confusing symptoms. Create a customized plan of lifestyle, nutrition and supplements that supports you. Get tactical about the science of your health.

My Self | My Health is All About You!

Our programs are designed to help you:

  • Experience Real Vitality
  • Resolve Chronic Pain
  • Sharpen Mental Clarity
  • Sustain Restorative Sleep
  • Reverse Signs of Aging
  • Activate Enduring Energy
  • Diagnose Mystery Illness
  • Support Hormones & Libido
  • Dramatically Reduce Inflammation

. . . in a way that perfectly suits your unique Self.

What Sets Us Apart
from Other Wellness Programs?

01 | We Listen

One of the most frustrating parts of typical healthcare is that you only have a few minutes with your doctor. We give you the time you need to tell your complete story, so you can get a complete solution.

02 | We Care

This healthcare model was designed out of a desire to bring people the real information they need in order to get the results they seek. Our guidance centers around meeting your true needs.

03 | Integrative

We blend the best aspects of modern and ancient medicine to deliver you the most effective approach for repairing and optimizing health. Our methods treat the mind, body and spirit at once.

04 | Customized

Our programs are designed to adapt to each person’s needs. Through health assessments, personality testing, bloodwork, and more, we tailor our guidance to address your unique health picture.

05 | Measurable Results

We assess your progress all along the way to make sure you are getting the results you desire. Whether you seek weight loss, relief from pain, or more, we tweak the process until you see success.

06 | Ongoing Support

Whether you prefer individual consultations or online programs that go at your pace, we are always available to you. Take every course we have or check-in once a year, we are here to meet your needs.

Your Health Advocates

Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac.

Candice Thomas is the founder of My Self | My Health. Drawing on her dynamic education in molecular biology, eastern medicine, and psychology, she creates revolutionary custom treatment plans for people who seek to be truly well. Booked nationally as a speaker on the deeper drives behind the dynamics in our health, she is currently developing curriculum for the Medical Sociology department at the University of Arizona. As an award-winning Acupuncturist, Educator and Holistic Health Advocate, Candice is committed to helping health-seekers discover the fundamental tools necessary for creating true vitality.

Jade Arellano, MSACN

Jade Arellano is a Clinical Nutritionist with an edge. Her specialty in inflammatory diseases combined with a background in medical science, nutrition, and yoga make her a nationally sought-after consultant for revolutionary healing. She earned her MSACN (Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition) from NY Chiropractic College. This November she sits for the board exam for the coveted CNS designation, the gold standard credential for advanced nutrition. Her holistic treatment plans address: diet, bloodwork, supplementation, and movement. Intelligent, passionate, and powerful, Jade offers the leading science in health transformation.

This Is Your Time.

The world needs your best you.

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Endorsements from Our Clients,
Real People Just Like You

Ken A.

“I am someone who likes to feel healthy and is willing to put in the time. So I was skeptical that someone like me would need the food toxicity test. But when my prostate issues started making a dent in my lifestyle, I decided to take Candice’s advice and get the blood test done. I was amazed that several of the foods I thought were great for me and ate all the time were actually interfering with my health. Within 30 days of changing my diet with Candice’s guidance, I was astonished at the changes I saw in my health. I began sleeping through the night without waking up to urinate. My stubborn fat around my waist is melting away, showing more definition in my abs. I am a believer! I would like my whole family to get the food toxicity test.”

Linda B.

“I came to Candice out of desperation. Along with over 10 years of seriously declining health, I woke up two months ago with an extreme migraine and vertigo. My doctors had no answers. I couldn’t work. Months before I was looking into nursing homes due to other health issues. I am only 55. Candice patiently took time with me, listening like my doctors would not. She explained everything in detail and gave me time to ask questions. She diagnosed me with candida overgrowth and put me on a very strict diet, which I saw results from the first week. Now I am able to travel regularly to Europe for my work. I would highly recommend Candice as your Holistic Health Advocate. She is patient, knowledgeable and a good listener. You can tell from her “hello” that she has a gentle spirit and does this work because she cares. She gave me my life back.

Judy B.

“I had been ill for 3 years and repeatedly hospitalized for a health problem no one could make any sense of. I saw many doctors and endured many tests. The level of care was atrocious, and they never did discover what the problem was. Candice was the one who really listened, and diagnosed me properly. I took her food toxicity test and a candida test, and she immediately identified the source of the problem. It was only a matter of days before I began to feel astonishingly better and was able to fully return to work. It feels amazing to have gotten my life back. “

Melanie U.

“Working with Candice is truly empowering, to a level I have rarely experienced with any other practitioner. She has a deep comprehension of emotional, spiritual, and bio-individuality, providing tailored support to each client she works with. I could not have anticipated the degree to which I have grown and been able to find a greater understanding of how to function better in my day to day life. This is care you will not find elsewhere!”

Mona D.

“I went in to see Candice in tears and feeling hopeless – and came out with a brand new understanding of my health concerns, and a much deeper appreciation to whole health. If you are someone who tried everything to lose weight but nothing works, this will be your last stop. Candice will get to the bottom of it with you!”

Terrence H.

“I found Candice when I was going through one of the most traumatic points in my life. All I hoped for was to get back to normal. Candice helped me with that and much more. I continue to work with Candice because she contributes to my well-being and keeps me on a path that goes well beyond simply surviving. I couldn’t recommend her services more.”

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